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Facebook Marketing

With more than 800 million users base, Facebook is considered as the most interactive and result oriented tools of online marketing. Our digital marketing professionals have the perfect strong grip over facebook’s marketing model. We build communities, attract members, engage them and convert them in to returning customers. We position your brand on facebook while highlighting your core competencies and competitive differences.

We first conduct a complete audit of your social presence; find out what is your brand’s position and then launch a successful customized facebook campaign. We manage your content publishing, promotional ads and analytics.

  • Facebook marketing strategies
  • Ad optimization and analytics
  • Ad optimization and analytics
  • Ad optimization and analytics
  • Community management
  • Community management
  • Copywriting and concepts designing
  • Competitive force models of facebook
  • Competitive force models of facebook

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is considered to be the most powerful micro blogging tool that facilitates brands to promote their products and services. Twitter micro blogging is enriched with effective SEO techniques. We use industry relevant keywords in your brand’s twitter profile description and tweets. Effective use of #tag includes your brands in hot topics and discussions.

We develop your online public relations through twitter. We initiate conversations, create #tags and get high profiles involved in your twitter’s micro blogging.

  • Twitter profile management
  • Twitter inbound linking
  • Tweets optimization
  • Twitter inbound linking
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Twitter campaign strategies
  • Tweets optimization
  • Cross channel strategy of twitter
  • Twitter campaign strategies

Youtube Marketing

Youtube is best known for video viral marketing. We make customized branding channels on yourtube. When we see it from business perspective, it comes up as the best tool for interactive communications, demonstrations and public relations. The best practice we know is that visuals are far better than typed documents and other low budget marketing activities.

Official youtube channels are used to distribute information about your products and services, core expertise of business, BTL activities and brand’s mass media promotional activities.

  • Company profile optimization
  • Product demos
  • Youtube’s Google advert strategies
  • Youtube’s cross promotional strategies
  • Client and customer video testimonials
  • Youtube’s video contest strategies
  • Youtube partnership strategies
  • Youtube insights and analytical management

Pinteret Visual Marketing

Digital marketing is now more about disseminating visuals than considering other marketing tools. Pinterest plays a vital role to promote brand’s effective visuals. We manage your Videos and Pictures pin boards on pinterest. We analyze, plan, implement and then measure the results of pinning campaigns.

We pin strong visuals from your blog posts, business activity charts and videos related to your products and services. Our digital marketing team creates attractive visuals, attract user, engage them with photo and videos contests and ultimately convert them in to valuable leads.

  • Show case of company’s culture through visuals
  • Pinboard contests management
  • Creative animated marketing video pins
  • Animated case studies
  • User oriented pictures and video pins
  • Products and services promotions through pin boards
  • #tag management for every pin

LinkedIn for Businesses

We manage your business professional networks, linkedin groups and communities. LinkedIn is best known for its use of industry professional networking and public relations. We search out your potential clients, customers and possible strategic partners on LinkedIn, make strong connections through initiating and leading conversations.

We see LinkedIn as the best tool for creating and maintaining thought leadership. We use LinkedIn for B2B and B2C effective and targeted marketing. We manage your career portal through LinkedIn by posting, accepting and evaluating CVs of job incumbents

  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • LinkedIn groups strategies
  • Lead generation through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn applications optimization
  • LinkedIn integration strategies
  • LinkedIn thought leadership
  • LinkedIn profile and networks
  • Cross promotional campaigns

Google + for Business

With Google plus you can make same kinds of long lasting connections with your customers online the way you can do in real life. We develop relationships with your prospects and customers on multiple levels. The best thing about Google plus is that it allows direct connections with customers and clients making more targeted and effective.

Our Digital Marketing experts know how to manage circles and generate leads from this growing social network.

  • Google + Profile optimization
  • Google + Viral Strategies
  • Targeted circles marketing
  • Graphic posts design and strategies
  • Google + integration with social platforms
  • Targeted circles marketing
  • Recommended links management
  • Google + leads analytics
  • Targeted circles marketing

Online Reputation Management

Your products and services are always being discussed on any one of the online platform irrespective of your online presence. If you are neglecting the importance of your brand’s online reputation then you are in deep trouble. Customers always search for comparisons while purchasing any products online. In this case communities that are discussing your products and services play a vital role to impress the buying decision.

We Search online platforms, create discussion portals, manage your company blogs and maintain your brand’s positive perception through commenting and conversation leaderships.

  • Company blogs management
  • Positive perception through online reputation
  • Creative writing services
  • Create brand advocates
  • Social bookmarking
  • Creative writing services
  • Competitive analysis and reporting
  • Opinion leadership strategies
  • Creative writing services





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  • We Build Attractive Digital Presence, From Formation To Creation And To Incessant Upkeep

    View Case Study
  • We Build Attractive Digital Presence, From Formation To Creation And To Incessant Upkeep

    View Case Study
  • We Build Attractive Digital Presence, From Formation To Creation And To Incessant Upkeep

    View Case Study
  • We Build Attractive Digital Presence, From Formation To Creation And To Incessant Upkeep

    View Case Study
  • We Build Attractive Digital Presence, From Formation To Creation And To Incessant Upkeep

    View Case Study

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